Our Mission


Sold Out Ministries provides Worship and Outreach Services.

Our mission is to take the word of God out into a broken world to those who struggle and feel lonely, hopeless and abandoned. Going out and sharing the message that there is hope. That Jesus Christ saves souls from the muck and mire setting the lost on a solid foundation.


We believe we are here for the purpose of praising and worshiping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We believe in being completely Sold Out for Jesus, and we honor Him by taking to heart, His teachings and applying them to our lives. We are committed to being full time followers of Christ. We allow our light to shine brightly as a lighthouse beacon reaching out to others. We are called to be present to support each other in fellowship whether we are feeling triumphant or experiencing tribulation. We believe in praying unceasingly with and for one another offering comfort and support according to God’s word.

Guiding Pinciples

Show Love

  • No Judgement
    Jesus didn't judge we should not either.
  • Meet Needs
    Hard to feel loved when our basic needs are not met.
  • Be Real and Honest
    No one is perfect but we can all be real.
  • Serve
    Lead by serving!

Encourage and Lift Up

  • Worship and Sing
    Worship unites, tears down walls, opens our hearts, brings us closer to God and each other.
  • Be Family
    Care and tend to each others needs and wounds.
  • Pray
    It works!
  • Teach
    Show each other who God is, understand who we are, and the power God has given us to overcome!


    Sold Out Band

  • Sunday Services
    Worship at the Continental Sunday morning service.
  • Celebrate Recovery
    We regularly play at CR's at multiple churches.
  • Outreach Events
    We play for the hungry, homeless, recovering and other events that support those in need.
  • Sing a new song
    We create our own songs to praise Jesus and to lead others to Him

    Sold Out Worship

  • Various Events
    Sold Out Worship is open to those who demonstrate they have a heart for Jesus and would like to use their gifts to serve and heal through worship.
  • God works through us as He works in us
    Anyone interested in using their gifts with Sold Out Worship please let us know. Participation requires commitment to practices and demonstration you are serious about your walk with Jesus.


  • Sunday Services
    Providing a safe place to know Jesus.
  • Bible Study
    Casual discussion oriented teaching.
  • Sold Out Storehouse
    Provide free goods to those in desperate need.
  • Newsletter
    Sold Out news and written inspirations and motivations for the lost and recovering.
  • Saturday Morning Coffee
    Fellowship for those at the Contentinal and others.
  • Sunday Afternoon Events
    Fellowship for those at the Contentinal and others. Games, Movies and other Events.